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KTEO Hellas Autovision is the leading and largest network of private KTEO facilities in Greece. Accordingly, Its website not only had to be functional, but also able to reflect the high standards and the unique features and services the company operates.

The user-first oriented website describes in detail and presents all the services, such as on-line appointments and reminders, as well as a thorough guide full of useful information regarding driving and vehicles.

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One of the unique features of KTEOHellas' website is the online appointment process. Users can book their appointments with the help of a "smart" web form, by just entering their details in a four interconnected - dependent drop-down list. This prominent feature, that facilitates both end users and administrative staff and actually delivers - based on its successful completion- a vital business process, constitutes the no.1 KPI of our marketing strategy.

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KTEOHellas' renewal process (every 2 years) is a hard to remember obligation. KTEOHellas offers a solution to this common problem with an on-line reminder for the next renewal deadline. A really simplified process is presented to the customers. The customer uploads a photo of his last KTEO check and KTEOHellas kicks in and sends an email with all the necessary information. "Click & Send" is another innovative tool we have designed for KTEOHellas Autovision.

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A standard business process, is transformed to an easy, fast and by all means interesting procedure. Having this concept in mind we initially added three call to action buttons at the right side of the web page regarding its most useful features; on-line appointments, renewal reminders and car insurance information. These three call to action buttons "follow" the users at all times, as long as they browse the website. As a result, the user experience becomes significantly clearer.

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